Unlocked and Unstoppable:
Get Promoted, Earn More and Work Less

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Are you tired of watching others climb the career ladder, wondering when it will be your turn? Do you feel like you're stuck in a cycle of endless work with no recognition or advancement in sight? It's time to break free from the chains holding you back and step into the leadership role you were meant for.

The #1 Reason Leaders Don’t Get Promoted: Unlock the secret barrier to your promotion and how to overcome it, with an exclusive video walkthrough to guide you past this all-too-common obstacle.

Debunking the Myth of Technical Skills: Learn what highly promotable leaders know about the limitations of technical skills and how avoiding this common pitfall can help you advance and earn more.

The Non-Negotiable Skill for Recognition: Discover the one skill you absolutely need to get recognized in your organization. Our go-to strategy will transform your approach and make you a standout leader.
Manifesting Your Pay Goals: Master the key to not just setting, but achieving your ambitious salary targets, setting you up for a future of financial freedom and success.

The Single Most Damaging Factor to Your Relationships: Identify and overcome the one thing that’s damaging your personal and professional relationships, and holding you back from true leadership success. Learn why embracing our cutting-edge approach is essential in 2024 and beyond.

And so much more! This eGuide is packed with insights, strategies, and actionable tips designed to propel you into a realm of leadership you’ve only dreamed of.

Why this guide?

In today's competitive environment, emotional intelligence is the secret sauce to not just surviving, but thriving as a leader. "Unlocked and Unstoppable" isn’t just another leadership book. It’s a transformational tool that bridges the gap between where you are and where you want to be, using the power of emotional intelligence to fuel your journey.

Who Is This For?

Ambitious professionals and leaders who are ready to:

  • Break through promotion barriers
  • Earn the recognition and salary they deserve
  • Reduce their workload while increasing impact
  • Elevate their personal and professional relationships
  • Lead with confidence and authenticity

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Your Path to Leadership Starts Now

Don't let another year go by wishing for change. Become "Unlocked and Unstoppable" – the leader who not only achieves their goals but sets new standards of success.

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Take the first step towards becoming the leader you were destined to be. Your journey to getting promoted, earning more, and working less starts here.

Meet the author

Rhonda Y. Williams

Many years ago, I was living in a world of overwhelming stress. As a former C-Suite healthcare executive, I was expected to be available 24/7, managing one crisis after the next, ignoring my internal warning signs and missing time with my family.    

At the time, I did not see any other way. I have since learned the secret to leading effectively while keeping your sanity and I am on a mission to help leaders around the globe do the same.

Today, I am known as The Modern Leadership Sensei. I help leaders and organizations crush the culture of chaos and crisis so they can fulfill their purpose and promise.    
Patrick Jones - Course author