CARMA Training

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Unlock the Formula to Get UNSTUCK and Create a Leadership Life You Love ❤️

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Do you have 10 minutes to get unstuck and get moving?

What's in the training:
⮕ Discover what's holding you back from creating a leadership experience you love. 
⮕ Create Clear Actionable Steps to Get Unstuck 
⮕ Create the Momentum for Long-Term Change 
⮕And much more!
Meet the author

Rhonda Y. Williams

Many years ago, I was living in a world of overwhelming stress. As a former C-Suite healthcare executive, I was expected to be available 24/7, managing one crisis after the next, ignoring my internal warning signs and missing time with my family.    

At the time, I did not see any other way. I have since learned the secret to leading effectively while keeping your sanity and I am on a mission to help leaders around the globe do the same.

Today, I am known as The Modern Leadership Sensei. I help leaders and organizations crush the culture of chaos and crisis so they can fulfill their purpose and promise.    
Patrick Jones - Course author