Affordable Coaching - 10 Session Package

  • 10 Sessions
  • 500 Minutes of Coaching
  • Self-Assessments: 1 
  • Certified Coaches
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    Why Affordable Coaching

    Unlock the potential to achieve your goals and dreams!

    Why Choose Affordable Coaching

    At ATG Leadership, we believe in the incredible power of coaching to unlock potential, drive personal growth, and achieve goals.

    Our Affordable Coaching service is designed to make professional coaching accessible to more people while providing a dual benefit for both clients and coaches.

    Dual Benefit Service - Everyone Wins!

    What is Affordable Coaching?
    Affordable Coaching is a unique service that offers dual benefits:For Clients: Access to high-quality coaching at an affordable price.For Coaches: Opportunity for experienced coaches to log hours required for their Coaching Certification programs.

    The Benefits of Coaching

    Coaching can be a game-changer.

    Here’s how our Affordable Coaching can benefit you:
    • Personal Growth: Gain insights and strategies to reach your personal and professional goals.
    • Accountability: Stay on track with regular check-ins and support from your coach.
    • Skill Development: Enhance your skills and competencies with personalized coaching sessions.
    • Affordability: Access high-quality coaching without the high price tag.

    What are they saying?

    Real clients, real feedback, real results.
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    Rhonda has a very clear understanding of Leadership. She also understands the contributing attributes such as Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and the role this plays withing collaboration, Teamwork and managing both horizontally and vertically. It was an exciting session, collaborating session and above all I felt the entire Management team gained from this experience.

    Gawain Visagie

    Rhonda Williams approaches the development of leaders holistically. She believes in getting to the core of issues rather than treating the symptoms. What makes her so unique is that she combines the philosophical fundamentals of leadership focusing on the overall health of the person, coaching them to success. A healthy person leads to a healthy leader, creating a heathy work culture.

    Jo Beth Collier

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    Affordable Coaching - Easy as 1-2-3

    Meet the instructor

    Rhonda Y. Williams

    Many years ago, I was living in a world of overwhelming stress. As a former C-Suite healthcare executive, I was expected to be available 24/7, managing one crisis after the next, ignoring my internal warning signs and missing time with my family.    

    At the time, I did not see any other way. I have since learned the secret to leading effectively while keeping your sanity and I am on a mission to help leaders around the globe do the same.

    Today, I am known as The Modern Leadership Sensi. I help leaders and organizations crush the culture of chaos and crisis so they can fulfill their purpose and promise.
    Patrick Jones - Course author